group sessions

Comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed for training 3-4x week.

Fundamental movement patterns including a hinge, squat, and press are taught and progressions given to achieve proper body alignment in order to make these patterns as effective as possible.

Kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight movements are combined to strengthen those fundamental movement patterns both in and outside of the gym.

Conditioning is applied appropriately with attention to risk/reward levels including the intent and desired response from the program.

private training

Private one-on-one sessions can be scheduled for assessments, as an introduction to training, ongoing training as well as techniques sessions. Private sessions value the same principals as our group sessions but in a more personal setting. Specific plans can be implemented to achieve goals and assess progress using an individualized approach.

remote coaching

Through assessment and repeated testing, programming is designed to reach specific goals. This is suitable for someone with a more extensive training history who feels comfortable training on their own. Session plans will be delivered weekly and includes session details as well as a channel to record, communicate and archive results and videos. We check in regularly to address form corrections and training feedback.


nutrition coaching

Ongoing monthly nutrition consulting. Weekly check-ins based on individualized accountability plans and appropriate goal setting.


group schedule

6am Monday Wednesday Friday

9am Tuesday Thursday

9am Saturday (3x month)

12pm Monday Wednesday Friday

430pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday